Areas of Practice


Anxiety is a normal and often helpful emotion. However, it can become disproportionate to the circumstances and overwhelming to the point where it interferes with your day to day activities. Whether it is a constant, incessant worry that occupies your mind or a paralyzing fear that prevents you from engaging in important relationships or activities, Apollo Counseling is here to help support you through the process of challenging those unhelpful thoughts and feelings and begin to identify strategies to manage them in your day-to-day life.


Marriage / Premarital

Apollo Counseling is here to support couples in all stages of your relationship to work towards improving communication, understanding one another, resolving conflict effectively, and strengthening the bond you share. It has likely been a long road from when you first fell in love to where you find yourself today. Whether that road has been smooth and full of joy, or has felt more like driving past The Summit at Christmas, professional counseling focused on your relationship can be helpful in renewing the fervor you once felt, adjusting to major life changes or stages together, and preparing for the future with new skills and perspectives to better support one another.


Depression is more than just sadness. It is a painful, burdensome experience that permeates into your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and relationships. If you have found yourself feeling fatigued or irritable, facing difficulty making decisions or getting motivated, avoiding activities you once loved, or feeling hopeless, it is likely that you are experiencing depression. By working with a professional counselor at Apollo Counseling, there is hope to challenge the persistent negative thoughts and feelings and get support to find your joy once again.



Apollo recognizes the unique and extreme challenges you face as a professional in medical services. Physicians, nurses, therapists, and other health professionals are tasked with the immense burden of caring for others while managing demanding schedules, investing in home and family life, and navigating the convoluted system in which we are expected to perform flawlessly. Without support, it is no wonder that you find yourself in survival mode, feeling cynical, or ineffective where you once found joy, adventure, and challenge. Burnout has been described as an erosion of the soul caused by a deterioration of one's values, dignity, spirit, and will”. Apollo Counseling is here to help you restore your sense of balance, efficacy, and compassion.

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There is little that is more rewarding than caring for children. Unfortunately, they do not come with instructions, and it can be challenging to navigate the unique and constant demands that parenting brings. Apollo Counseling can help provide support and guidance with structured behavioral approaches designed to increase your skills as a parent, manage your child’s emotions and behavior, and strengthen the parent - child relationship. Apollo also specializes in providing support for parents of children with developmental, emotional, social, or behavioral disorders such as Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADHD.


This is a critical period of your life as you explore your interests and passions to prepare for the future, develop independence and autonomy, and grow into your own unique personality that is shaped by your family history. During these transformative years, it can be valuable to seek professional counseling to have space to process and challenge yourself in a safe and secure environment. Apollo Counseling can help you explore and apply your strengths, develop new skills, process your family history and how it impacts your development, discuss the unique challenges you face as a student, and address mental health and wellness concerns you may have. Apollo believes strongly in the value of professional counseling for college students, but also understands the financial concerns many of you face. Find out more here about financial support Apollo offers for active undergraduate and graduate students.