What is counseling?

Counseling is a collaborative relationship between you and a professional who is trained to help you identify goals and develop potential solutions to reduce emotional pain, improve relationships, strengthen interpersonal skills, address mental health concerns, and support you in the challenging work of changing.

Is counseling right for me?

Making the initial decision to seek professional support is one of the greatest hurdles you face when dealing with emotional or relational pain. Counseling is the perfect environment to receive support when you need it most. This may be your first time thinking about counseling, or you may have been before and are looking for something different. Due to the highly relational aspect of counseling, finding the right fit with your counselor is important. You can feel confident that all of our professional counselors will provide safe, empathetic, and confidential care for you. Please contact us at Apollo Counseling to see how we can provide the support you need.

Does Apollo Counseling accept insurance?

At this time, Apollo Counseling does not bill insurance directly for services. Clients will be responsible for payment of service fees. By utilizing direct payment for services, your counselor is better able to address your direct concerns without being constrained by the session limits, regulations, and billing codes enforced by managed care. Additionally, limiting third party involvement improves confidentiality and privacy for your care. Superbills are available upon request and can be used for you to file your own claims with your insurance provider to obtain reimbursement. Check out the Get Started page for more information.

Individual counseling sessions are $120 for the initial intake appointment and $100 for subsequent 50 minute appointments. Couples and family counseling sessions are $150 for intake and $120 for subsequent appointments. Individual sessions for full-time undergraduate or graduate students are $75. Check out the Get Started page for more information.

What are our rates?

Generally, Apollo Counseling is open for appointments from 9 AM until 6 PM Monday-Friday. However, there may be special circumstances that will allow for “after-hours” or weekend appointments.

What are our hours?

Appointments will be 50 minutes long. However, your initial intake appointment may be up to 75 minutes in order to develop rapport and allow the counselor to get an understanding of what support will look like for you.

How long is an appointment?

Absolutely. Counselors protect the confidential information of prospective and current clients. Counselors disclose information only with appropriate consent or with sound legal or ethical justification. The general requirement that counselors keep information confidential does not apply when disclosure is required to protect clients or identified others from serious and foreseeable harm or when legal requirements demand that confidential information must be revealed. More information about confidentiality is provided in the Notice of Privacy Practices and Informed Consent documentation.

Will my sessions be confidential?

Mental health care varies greatly for each individual depending on severity of symptoms, available supports, and the individuals’ own efforts outside of the counseling office. In order to provide the best care, each client will need to determine the frequency and duration of services needed with their therapist. Generally, you can expect to have weekly or biweekly appointments for at least 10 sessions and then continued as needed.

How often do I need to come?